Pre-anaesthetic Assessment Clinic

You will be required to attend a clinic to assess your suitability and risk for having the anaesthetic and the procedure. These clinics are run jointly by specialist nurses and anaesthetists, they may ask for details of your medical history and carry out any necessary clinical examinations and investigations.

You will ask if you take any tablets or use any other types of medications either prescribed by a doctor or bought over the counter in a pharmacy, this includes health supplements, homeopathic or alternative treatments. Please bring any packaging with you.

Most operations require use of anaesthesia. The different types of anaesthesia or sedation used shall be explained. Prior to your operation, you will see an anaesthetist. The anaesthetist will review your medical history. In particular, you will be asked about your medications and any health problems that you have. He / she will also ask you about previous anaesthetics you have had and whether you had any problems with these such as nausea. They would like to know whether there you suffer from any allergies. They will also want to know about your teeth, whether you wear dentures, have caps or a plate. The anaesthetist may examine your heart and lungs. Rarely, you may be prescribed medication that you will be given shortly before your operation – this is known as ‘the pre-medication’ or 'pre-med'. They relax you and may send you to sleep.

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