Medical Conditions

Many medical conditions can affect recovery, it is important to make sure any known conditions are controlled as well as possible ahead of your surgery. You can book in for general health check at your GP surgery, if you are between 40 and 74 years old. Specific conditions which require close monitoring and control include:


Control of blood sugar is crucial, as poorly controlled diabetes is significant concern for complications, adverse events and poor healing.

Blood pressure

Your GP would normally keep an eye but is very important to have regular checks.

Heart, lung and other medical problems

It is important that any long-term conditions are as best controlled and treated in close cooperation with your GP and doctors in hospital.

Anxiety and mental health

Most people feel some anxiety before surgery, which is normal. If you experience anxiety or low mood which impacts on your quality of life, it is best to talk about your concerns with your GP. There are many techniques including mindfulness, relaxation and breathing exercises or yoga which may help relax you before your operation.

Dental health

If you have loose teeth or crowns, a visit to a dentist may reduce risk of damage to your teeth during surgery. The risk arises at the time of giving the anaesthetic when the doctor tries to insert the tube in the wind pipe.

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