Hernia repair – Ventral Incisional Inguinal Femoral

(Laparoscopic Hernia Repair)

Why do you need an operation for hernia?

A hernia is a weakness of the covering layer, allowing the inside to protrude through the weakness. This can cause pain, discomfort, unsightly lump and at times is prone to strangulation of the contents of the hernia due to the stricture at the site of the weakness.

What is the principle of hernia repair?

It is important to dissect the protruding contents safely and return them to inside the abdomen. The defect is then repaired with suture and often patched with artificial material (mesh) to reduce recurrence.

What types of hernias require repair?

All abdominal hernias should be assessed for repair due to the risk of strangulation. Inguinal hernias in men are sometimes observed if there are no symptoms. Femoral hernias (a type of groin hernia) are especially prone to strangulation. Sometimes emergency repair of hernia is required.

Can hernias be repaired using keyhole (laparoscopic) approach?

Most hernias are suitable for keyhole approach, that said, there are other types that can repaired just as effectively using the traditional open approach. Your surgeon will discuss the complexities as it is not possible to make broad generalisation.

What about recovery from hernia surgery?

Patients can generally go home the day of the operation. Pain killers are required and there is pain or achiness at the site of operation. Patients who undergo laparoscopic or keyhole operations may complain of abdominal or shoulder tip pain. Pain killers causes constipation relieved by drinking enough fluids, healthy diet and taking laxatives. Patients can look after themselves and walk around soon after the operation. Patients may return to full-time work within two weeks.

Hernia repair, Ventral Incisional Inguinal Femoral


Hernia repair Mesh Reinforcing Abdominal Wall Defect

Mesh Reinforcing Abdominal Wall Defect

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