Neuroendocrine Tumours (NET)

What are NET?

This is a rare type of the tumour and can arise in many organs. It is characterised by its cells of origin which have the potential to secrete hormones. It may be benign or frankly cancerous. The often grow quite slowly but not always.

What are the symptoms of NET?

The symptoms of the NET depends on their location and whether or not they produce hormones.

In the abdomen, they may arise in the pancreas or small bowel commonly. They can of course arise in any tissue. NET may cause tummy pain, obstruction of bowel or constipation. Sometimes, the NET secrete hormones (chemicals) in the blood in large amount, causing flushing, diarrhoea and abdominal cramps among other symptoms.

How are NET diagnosed and treated?

These are complex tumours for a variety of reasons and are best investigated and treated in hospitals experienced in treating these with dedicated teams.

There are specific blood investigations requiring rigorous conditions to be met in the collection of samples, followed by specialised scans and biopsy.

Mr Khan has special expertise in treating NET and has published leading articles.

Coventry is one of the handful of “European Centre of Excellence” in the treatment of NET. This status is only attained by rigorous accreditation of facilities and expertise and by an international body.

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