Practical Preparation for Your Operation

Coming in to the hospital can be a worrying time, talk to family and friends about going to hospital and how they can help. Don’t underestimate how tired you may be after surgery. Read the checklist below to help you prepare:

  • How will I get to and from hospital?
  • What would be helpful to do?

Get help for looking after children and pets. If you have significant problems looking after children talk to family, other resources are council and health visitor. Make sure your home and garden are secure and there are no important jobs done that are to be done.

  • What do I need to pack?

If staying overnight think about toiletries, nightwear and comfortable clothes and footwear. It is important to get out of bed and get mobile soon after surgery. Those who do this recover quicker.

  • Make sure you have a shower or bath before your operation to reduce risk of infection
  • What do I need to prepare at home?

It may be easier to sleep downstairs etc.

  • How will I pass time?

Headphones, music, books, puzzles, mobile devices (and charger).

  • Do I need over the counter pain killers?
  • Do I need ready cooked meals?
  • Who do I need to inform?

Apart from family and friends, make sure you have let your work colleagues know and booked time off work.

Royal College of Surgeons American College of Surgeons University of Liverpool Mayo Clinic