Medico-Legal Practice

I am in current clinical practice. My reports are scrupulously unbiased of the source of instruction and contain the most pertinent opinion/s, where possible. I comply with the cost and time pressures associated with litigation. All Claimants are dealt with professionally. I welcome formal and informal discussion with the legal parties to help resolve matters for the Court. My opinion is based upon many years of high-level clinical experience, an exceptional academic background and up-to-date training in both medico-legal and clinical matters.

I accept instructions in the field of general surgery and particularly in the following sub-specialities:

  • Bile duct injury, complications of gallstone treatment, gallbladder surgery, pancreatitis, management of liver and pancreatic conditions, delay in diagnosis and adrenal surgery.
  • Hernia surgery (especially inguinal hernia surgery and post inguinal surgery pain syndromes and nerve entrapment) NOT hiatus hernias.
  • Emergency surgery particularly cases which depend on opinions around delay in diagnosis or treatment of emergency conditions such as appendicitis.

These fields accurately reflect my current clinical practice as a teaching hospital (level III trauma centre), Consultant Hepatobiliary Pancreatic and General Surgeon.

Medico-legal Practice
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