Doctoral research (Liverpool University – PhD)

Mr Khan completed doctoral degree at the University of Liverpool. His research interest included investigating the markers of prognosis in chronic liver disease. He was able to attract a major grant to study the effects of various drugs on blood flow in the gut and in the liver. He also studied and published research on various surgical and non-surgical treatments for complications of liver disease. His research had basic science and clinical components.

Mr Khan takes a very active role in research. He leads the team in the research activity and has published widely on all aspects of his sphere. Mr Khan has undertaken national collaborative trials (e.g., PET PANC study).

Editorial positions

Mr Khan has been involved in various research organisations and journals. He provides editorial and reviewer oversight to various prominent journals.

He has had a long association with Cochrane Collaboration. This is a highly-respected organisation and is acclaimed for unbiased content. The organisation focuses on conducting systematic reviews and utilising bespoke methodology.

Editor – Cochrane Hepatobiliary Group
Editorial Board – World Journal of Surgery
Reviewer – Surgery, Annals of Surgical Oncology, British Journal of Surgery

Research Supervision

Associate Professor of Surgery – Warwick University
Tutor in Surgery – Edinburgh University
Tutor in Surgery – Liverpool University

Theses supervised:

Doctoral (PhD) – University of Warwick
Masters (MPhil) – University of Edinburgh

Supervises students from Warwick Medical School in research component of their education.

Has supervised post-graduate students in doctor (PhD) thesis.

Received personal commendation for hard work and excellence from post-graduate students.

Royal College of Surgeons American College of Surgeons University of Liverpool Mayo Clinic